AdTechium builds advertising systems
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AD Tech powers the web

LET us enable you to have the ad technology that you need


Our core ad serving products can give a head start to any ad tech company.

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Consulting services for ad technology. We can build, maintain, modify your

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We provide technology to start-ups and very large well known companies.

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After decades in the industry we can confidently understand and handle your requirements. We'll enhance your existing system. We'll provide RTB, Datwarehouse, Analytics, Accounting, Ad Serving, Tartgeting, UI, Video, Mobile, and more.


We can help grow your company with new services, but, also can maintain large existing platforms. Often thriving ad related businesses have 1000s of servers. Let us optimize that into 10s of servers. We can reduce the latency as well which will improve the overall performance in addition to your bottom line.